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$2,590 towards $2,500

Not long ago I decided I wanted to set an adventure and along with that, decided to add a fundraising aspect. I wanted to choose organizations that held a place in my heart and that I feel strongly about. The organizations I chose were Team RWB, a Veterans support and enrichment community, using physical and social activity. The other organization I chose was Bigger Than The Trail, mental health advocacy program, using trail running as a platform. Both organizations are near and dear to me as a person that has struggled and know many others that have also.

I have created a running route that crosses Minnesota and will cover roughly 200 miles. I will be leaving the border of South Dakota on Thursday, May 18th and plan to arrive at the Wisconsin border in Prescott on Monday May 22nd. Along the way I will have support and a crew to help with food, hydration, gear and clothing for the XING (Crossing).

My Goals for the Fundraising side of this adventure are lofty. I would like to raise $5,000! This goal is divided between the 2 organizations mentioned above. $2,500 per group. This number translates to $25 per mile. As the donations come in and when the goal is achieved, I will raise the goal! I believe in all of you!

I am working to find some organizations that will perhaps match the donations. That would be amazing and achieve the goals in no time. If you or someone you know has a connection to any organizations interested in a fundraising goal matching program, please reach out to me.

I'm making the fundraising page live now and it will remain open until July 4th, Independence Day.

Thank you all for your support and consideration in this endeavor!

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for BIGGER THAN THE TRAIL